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«Instruments for individualists with sense of sound»

Duesenberg Guitars: German guitar-building tradition meets classic Art Deco styles with a focus on modern, innovative details.

The development of my Duesenberg brand begins with my extensive time-travel to the 40’s and 50’s of the last century. Encompassing the former taste structure and design backgrounds, the view of the techniques and materials used, led me to a fascinating question: How would they have built guitars using today’s knowledge? The simple answer is: The basic principles are the same but the details can be done in a more superior fashion. I began to develop a new, professional line of products after traveling forward to present time, utilizing my newly acquired aspects of guitar building and design. This is how Duesenberg came to life – instruments that look, feel and sound like a beloved treasure of the 19th century, yet surprisingly with innovative technical and detail-oriented solutions, which gives my instruments their own and unique face.

The distinct look of Duesenberg guitars manifests itself in the Art Deco design of the headstock, pickguard and hardware while most body designs are based on old Jazz guitar shapes that were produced in Germany and the US in the 1940’s, mainly by German immigrants. The Duesenberg-Sound is a result of our concept and overall construction as well as our pickup design.

Of note should be details like the frames for adjusting the pickup. My well-known love for the Trem-Systems had a major influence in the development of various Super-Tremolas. Perfect function, paired with the ease of stringing up the instrument has been accomplished through ingenious, detail oriented solutions. For us: Only the best is good enough!

Our dynamic Custom-Alnico pickups with open, nickel-plated German Silver caps perfect the overall picture which now allows us to have both national and global presence.

We thank you for that!

Dieter Gölsdorf
Founder and designer of Duesenberg Guitars

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