Duesenberg Features

Duesenberg instruments combine the guitar-design and character of the golden-era of the 50’s and 60’s with modern attributes. They provide superb playability and functionality combined with a sound that is somewhat familiar but distinct enough to stand out of the crowd of copies and mass fabricated products.

Common features:

  • American Hardrock maple neck – for a solid and powerful sound with excellent trebles. No rule without exceptions: The classic constructions of our models 49er, 52er, D-Caster and Dragster asked for a mahogany neck – and they got it!

  • Dual-Action trussrod - just in case!

  • Rosewood fretboard w. jumbo frets for contemporary playability

  • Fretboard radius of 12” – for endless string bending

  • Nickel-plated metal pieces – for the classic look

  • Open, nickel-plated German silver pickup caps – for perfect shielding and unmuddled trebles.

  • Clever circuitry with volume/treble compensation for pearly and open combi-sound.

  • Heavy-Duty pots from Japan – the best in the world.

  • Heavy-Duty jack with platinum coated contacts – no more contact issues!

  • Machined with the PLEK-System - for perfect frets and intonation with the saddle

Guitars only:

  • 647mm scale length – for an assertive, transparent sound.

  • Alnico pickups – for the much needed warm and classic tone.

  • Heavy-Duty 3-Blade switch, made in the USA – the best.

Basses only:

  • 770mm scale length – for relaxed playability.

  • Only exception: The D-Bass with a scale length of 864mm – for classic bass sounds.

  • 19mm String spacing on the saddle – the way it should be!

Components of our instruments are manufactured by leading industry companies around the world but we don’t outsource the assembly, the conditioning with the PLEK-machine or the final setup. That’s still done at our Duesenberg headquarters in Hannover by qualified luthiers. That’s why we can guarantee the uncompromising quality of our instruments and fully stand behind our motto: “Serious guitars for serious players”.

German Pickup Engineering - Dieter speaks!

Dieter “Atze” Gölsdorf, the mastermind behind Duesenberg, speaks about the innovation that distinguishes his instruments.


For us, the nature of a good vintage pickup of the 50’s and 60’s is something very special. We show respect to our true-to-detail manufacturing process; they need to be perfect, optically and technically. Even newly developed pickups seem to reflect the 60’s. However, old, original vintage pickups have their weaknesses. There wasn’t much uniformity in material and workmanship. There were good ones and bad ones and consistency in quality and sound was simply not there. Our pickups, on the other hand, thanks to our many years of experience are always the same. One will always get what one expects. Our pickups are not only consistent in quality and workmanship, they also sound better due to the minimization of sound-attenuation. We’re not holding on to the old way pickups were made (mostly mass produced and of poor quality). We therefore developed a special way in which the wire is coiled around the magnet. We call it “Printer Wound”, where a machine coils the wire around the bobbin at high speed to assure accuracy. The computerized controls simulate a natural and irregular hand-wiring pattern which guarantees for an open and dynamic sound. In short, we combined the imperfections of old pickups with modern manufacturing methods which results in a uniform, stable pickup-coil with minimal self-inductive value. The pickups have this distinctive open sound that has already become a trademark of Duesenberg Guitars.

For our pickup production, we only use the best materials with the lowest inductive value, e.g. the German Electrisola wire. Its diameter is considerably more precise and constant than American or even Asian wires. We gave the manufacturer exact instructions as to the higher thickness of the wire’s isolation, just as the old 50’s and 60’s wires were made. The more stable isolation has a more positive effect on the capacitance of the coil. In addition, we use a specialized, magnetically soft iron for the pole screws and pole pieces that wasn’t even available in the olden days. It gives the sound an audible push, harmonically. Our plates and caps are made of German Silver, which has very little influence in deadening the inductor value and guarantees perfect trebles.


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