Doozy One

Doozy? When we set out in search of a fitting name for our premiereDuesenberg amps, we spontaneously landed on the word Doozy – this is what Mike Campbell, guitarist for Tom Petty’s band The Heartbreakers, calls his Duesenberg Signature guitar. For us it’s also the perfect name for this practical full tube combo that looks just the same as it sounds. 

Or, stated the other way around: it sounds just as good as it looks! It features 20 Watt tube power packed inside extraordinary Art Deco design with three-step elements, the origins of which are immediately recognizable to anyone familiar with Duesenberg guitars. The technology behind the Doozy One is marked by classical elements such as “puristic” point-to-point hand wiring and tube-driven Accutronics spring reverb, but is also tricked out with cutting edge features such as the ability of a switchable tube preamp section a three band tone controller with a very wide (!) range and the “No Master” function , with which the Doozy One can, if desired, operate independently without master control. 

The cabinet with its two-toned black and cream Tolex design not only looks good, but consists of 16 mm Baltic birch for extreme robustness and day-to-day durability on stage. A special Eminence 12” speaker takes care of the transmission of sound.


  •  20 Watt Class AB Hi-End vintage sound
  •  Point-to-Point wiring
  •  Tube-driven Accutronics spring reverb
  •  2 x 6V6 Power tubes
  •  1x 12 AX7 (ECC83) and 3x 12AT7 (ECC81) preamp tubes
  •  Three band tone control with wide range
  •  Option to switch to preamp V1 + V2 at the first tube level
  •  12” Eminence Speaker

No longer available!

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