Doozy Two Stack

Loud and clean – standard features that the boutique amplifier market has heretofore not taken seriously enough. Of course, compact amps are more practical, but their use both live and in the studio is really only in order to have them be overloaded. That’s because no distortion sounds better than the one coming from a tube amp operating at the outer limits of its capacity. That, however, is exactly what you’d be wise not do with the Duesenberg Doozy Two, since this stack is loud! Four EL-34 output tubes provide for a respectable 110 Watts of power, which finally produces something many had given up on -- clean sounds with appropriate volume and stability. But that’s not all: the Doozy Two is built with two channels. Of these, the second channel has an additional,separately controlled Gain level, so that three fundamental sound options are easily attainable: Clean, Crunch, and Crank!

By the way: each of the two channels has its own serial loop, and the power of the Doozy Two can also be reduced with a switch to 55Watts. Thanks to traditional hand craftsmanship like point-to-point wiring, not to mention high quality component parts, the Doozy Two impresses not just with its versatility, but also with its dynamic range and signal fidelity. 


  • 110 Watt Class AB
  • 4 x EL 34 output tubes
  • 1 x ECC 83 preamp driver, 3 x ECC81 preamp tubes
  • 2 channel full tube amp design
  • Switchable extra gain stage for drive channel
  • 3 band EQ for each channel
  • Half power switch to 55 Watt
  • Serial loops for each channel
  • Handwired full tube circuit, switched by relays
  • 2.5 mm aluminum chassis
  • Double footswitch included

Doozy 2x12 Cab

Well-suited to top the Doozy Two, but certainly an enhancement for any other amp, The Doozy 212 cabinet is made from 15 mm strong Baltic Marine wood, which therefore makes it quite lightweight. For the speaker equipment, we chose after many extensive test comparisons, the Eminence Red Coat Governor, which in terms of compression, dissipation and representation of sound optimally supports the character of the Doozy Two. In addition, the rear wall of the box has a 12” opening to further magnify the open sound of this combination stack.


  • 2x12" Eminence Red Coat Governor Speaker
  • 150 Watt / 4 Ohm Impedance
  • 12" opening at the back
  • Weight: 32kg

No longer available!

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