Duesenberg Effect Pedals

Duesenberg effects pedals are wired by hand and built to produce authentic retro sounds. Because of the quality and sturdy robustness of their parts, these entirely analog devices are also at the leading edge of technology.

In developing our Duesenberg pedals, great emphasis was placed on the highest possible “musicality” for the effects, so that they harmonize well with other components, do not swallow up dynamics, and neither weaken nor overburden the guitar signal. They can be optimally integrated into an effects chain in front of the amp without affecting the fundamental sound of the guitar and amp. In addition, their controls are laid out in such a way that misuse of the pedal is practically impossible; all settings – even the most extreme – are musically valid and capable of producing first class sound.


Channel 2

Treble B

The Rev

White Drive II

Blue Move

Red Echo II

Green Comp II

Violet Trem

Gold Boost

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