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The D-Caster is a veritable firecracker when it comes to creative guitar design. It offers the musician a rich playing field of options from which to choose both classic and nontraditional sounds. Compact construction, direct response, substantial and straight-forward tones – these are all characteristic of this instrument. Innovations are all in the details of what at first glance looks to be a classic double cutaway solid body with a set-in neck. A closer look, however, reveals a specially designed swell potentiometer located under the fretboard, which can be operated with the little finger. It makes available two sound options:

  • Volume – enables violin-like swelling sounds, similar to that of a volume pedal.
  • Tone – offers a wah-wah pedal sound, reminiscent of the "doo-wah" effect, which lap and pedal steel players use to imitate these characteristic brass sounds. 

The D-Caster comes in two different versions: one with two Domino P90 pickups for an earthy and dynamic blues and rock sound, and the other with two singlecoil pickups featuring a Little Toaster at the bridge. The latter offers a wide assortment of sound options from pearl-like and shimmering clean tones to penetrating leads.

No longer available!

D Caster black DTD Caster blue DT2D Caster white DT


Type: traditionally glued in
Wood: 1-piece maple
Width: 42,5 mm / 1.67" (nut), 52 mm / 2.05" (12th fret)
Thickness: 21 mm / 0.8" (1st fret), 24 mm / 0.95" (12th fret)
Shape: D
Fingerboard: indian rosewood
Radius: 30,5 mm / 12"
Inlays: pearloid dots
Frets: 22 jumbo 2,8 x 1,0 mm
Scale length: 650 mm / 25.6"
Trussrod: steel dual-action
Headstock: black veneer
Type: solidbody, mahogany
Top: contoured
Size: 44 x 32,5 x 4,5 cm / 17.32" x 12.6" x 1.77"
Binding: cream
Pickguard: aged white
Finish: PUR lacquer. Back and sides trans-black.
Tuners: Duesenberg Z-Tuners, "Art Diego" buttons
Bridge: Duesenberg steel saddle bridge
Tailpiece: 6 string-through-body ferrules
Strap pins: Duesenberg standard
Hardware color: nickel
Strings: Duesenberg DSA10 (010-013-017-028-042-050)
Electrics (P-90 model)
Pickup (neck): Duesenberg Domino P-90
Pickup (middle): -
Pickup (bridge): Duesenberg Domino P-90
Wiring: 1 volume, 1 tone (speed-pot), 3-way pickup selector, Swell-Pot
Electrics (SSH model)
Pickup (neck): Duesenberg Single Coil
Pickup (middle): Duesenberg Single Coil
Pickup (bridge): Duesenberg Little Toaster
Wiring: 1 volume, 1 multi-tone, 3-way pickup selector, Swell-Pot
Case: Custom Line case (not included)
Tools: all required allen keys (included)


Stephan Hindemith

Fat Belly

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Aron Strobel

Münchner Freiheit

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P-90 Version, Neck Pickup
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P-90 Version, Both Pickups
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P-90 Version, Bridge Pickup


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