Duesenberg Guitars and Boston-based punk band Dropkick Murphys are proud to announce the Dropkick Murphys Alliance Series.
Strictly Limited to only 96 Instruments worldwide!



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Alliance Dropkick Murphys Series

With their blend of classic punk rock, Irish folk, and American rock ‘n roll, the Dropkick Murphys have worked its way up from a barbershop basement in their hometown Boston to crowds of 80,000+ at festivals around the globe. After building a cult-following on the strength of their shows and albums, Dropkick Murphys crossed into the mainstream when their unforgettable platinum-selling anthem "I’m Shipping Up To Boston" was used in the Academy Award-winning film The Departed . They have since sold more than seven million albums.

In very close collaboration with band members Ken Casey (bass) and Jeff DaRosa (guitar), we have used many of the classic Duesenberg design elements in a new way to create simple, no frills instruments that are ready to rock.

The Dropkick Murphys Alliance Series includes a semi-hollow bass guitar (available in left- and right-hand versions) and a semi-hollow guitar with stop tailpiece. Both feature a double cutaway, 2 f-holes, and a subtle tone-on-tone “Rose Tattoo” decal between the Domino P90 and Grand Vintage Humbucker pickups (between the Bassbucker duo on the bass guitar). All instruments are solely available in a stunning Catalina Green Burst.


The Domino P90 and Grand Vintage Humbucker on the guitar and the proven Bassbucker pickup duo on the bass, in combination with 2 f-holes and our special pickup wiring, will give you a unique, direct sound not heard in a Duesenberg before now!

Volume pot knobs on the bass and guitar are laser engraved in an art deco style with KC and JD respectively (Ken Casey and Jeff DaRosa’s initials), while the tone knob is engraved with the logo of the band’s charity, The Claddagh Fund (www.claddaghfund.org).

All instruments come with an exclusive goodie box containing the following:
●  A strictly limited edition Dropkick Murphys Duesenberg shirt
●  A unique hockey puck Certificate of Authenticity with engraved acrylic glass disc, hand numbered and hand signed by Ingo Renner, Duesenberg CEO
●  A handcrafted solid wood stand for the hockey puck COA
●  Four original band guitar picks from the 2019 Dropkicks Murphys tour as used by the band


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